Friday, July 1, 2011

New Law in US Aims to Increase Food Safety

New California Law SB 602 says that food handlers must take food safety training course and passing an exam. CA SB 602 supports the Food Safety Modernization Act (Jan 2011) which calls for more inspections and will let the government order recalls. During the month of July, MilpitasVESL will feature ESL resources about food and food safety.

VOA Learning English: New Law in US Aims to Increase Food Safety

The United States is making the first major changes in its food safety rules since the nineteen thirties. A new law called the Food Safety Modernization Act will govern all foods except meat, poultry and some egg products. It calls for increased government inspections of food processors. And it lets the Food and Drug Administration order the recall of unsafe foods. That agency has only been able to negotiate with manufacturers to remove products from the market. The new law also increases requirements for imported foods. (read more)

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